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She Plays

Kathy Murray is a former cheerleader, coach, and author. Her new book called “The Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders” is available on Audible. It’s based on her life living in Munich, Germany in the 90’s after she left her Medical Sales job to work as a fitness instructor.

Despite the challenges of a new language and overt racism, she became a coach of a German group of cheerleaders. Kathy overcame adversity and worked with a group of disengaged teenagers, turning them into champions.

Kathy has over 20 years in the cheerleading business as a competitor winning State pom championships in high school, a National Collegiate Championship at The Ohio State University, and as a coach and choreographer for the Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders. She helped the Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders win nine regional championships, two German championships, and a European Championship.

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